Dave is available for private and small group instruction of guitar, old-time banjo, mandolin, and mountain dulcimer at Carbon County Music
& More, Second St., Lehighton, PA. Currently, students range in age from 8 years old to adult. Dave is also available for workshops at your
festival or event.
Please note: Instruction is offered on a variety of traditional folk instruments. Many learning techniques are used to make this a most
enjoyable experience for you. Learning musical notation, tab, or learning a tune or song by ear in the true folk tradition are all available

Beginning Mountain Dulcimer
Get your dulcimer playing off to a solid start. Learn the best techniques for both hands, including left-hand fingerings for melodies and simple
chords and right-hand strumming rhythms. The mountain dulcimer is the perfect instrument for the younger student.
Mountain songs on the Mountain Dulcimer
Enjoy learning and singing traditional Appalachian songs while exploring the many possibilities of the mountain dulcimer.
Exploring the Mountain Dulcimer
The mountain (lap) dulcimer is a fascinating, accessible instrument that anyone can play! You'll learn proper holding, strumming, and fretting
the instrument, as well as playing with a pick, noter, and how to play chords.

Beginning Guitar
Always wanted to play a guitar , but somehow haven't gotten around to it? Gain the skills necessary to start your musical journey. You will
learn a variety of styles and techniques, musical notation and tab, chords, simple scales, and basic rhythm.

Beginning Clawhammer Banjo
Starting from scratch, you will learn basic clawhammer and frailing banjo styles. We will practice learning tunes by ear, which will help
develop jamming techniques.

Getting started on the Mandolin
The mandolin is smaller than a guitar, more expressive than a ukulele, and a lot easier to play than a fiddle! Learn your way around the
mandolin by studying simple chords and melodies. Expand from that point to playing tunes and songs.

For more information,
Call: 610-392-4120