House concert
How about a personal concert in your living room by Dave Matsinko?  
Sound good?  It will.  
Here’s how it works.  
Contact Dave to reserve a date.  
Invite 10-20 of your friends for an evening of
smoke-free live music where they get a front row,
up close and personal concert.  
Request a $5-$10
donation from each person.  You get a live concert in your living room,  
I get a room full of music lovers who come to listen!

If this sounds like something you are interested in,
Send an email to:

Read on-
What are house concerts?
House concerts are private events in the homes of music fans. Friends, neighbors, and acquaintances  
are invited to attend a one-two set performance, and make a suggested donation of $5-10 per person.
Often there’s a pot luck dinner or dessert, and it’s not unusual for guests to bring a beverage along with
their favorite dish.

The Format
There's usually some sort of mingling period, for a half hour to an hour, wherein folks begin arriving
and sipping on a little bit of wine, munching on treats and socializing.
Whenever there seems to be a critical mass of folks in attendance, or whenever "start time" rolls
around, the concert commences . . .
House concerts are conducted "by invitation" (for practical reasons), social media such as Twitter or
Facebook, or word of mouth, rather than as "public" concerts like a club or concert hall. Generally
tickets are not sold in advance, but cash is collected at the show. Sometimes, the money collected goes
straight to the performers, with no "profit motive" on the presenter's part. However, at other times, the
purpose of the show is to collect money to pay for rent, or is paid by a donation. In fact, calling it a
donation may prevent zoning issues that a host is operating a business such as a cabaret illegally or
without a license

Everyone settles down in the living room on chairs and on couches, and on throw pillows, and however
they can find a comfortable nook for themselves -- and then the music begins. The music is usually
completely acoustic and unplugged and unamplified. Au natural. A house concert is almost invariably
described as an "intimate" experience. In "a small setting as a house concert, Dave fills the air with his
voice and traditional acoustic instruments. You are surrounded by the music."
It is "up close and personal."
One or two 45-minute sets with a short “cookie break” in the middle is common. Shorter or longer sets
are easily accommodated, as well.